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Man Gets Bitten By A Grizzly Bear Twice In One Day And Survives

Todd Orr lived every hiker’s worst nightmare. The 50-year-old was enjoying a trail near Ennis, Montana when he came upon a mama grizzly bear and her two cubs. Despite his calling “hey bear” as not to surprise any bear, and his bear spray, the animal attacked anyway.

“She was on top of me biting my arms, shoulders and backpack. The force of each bite was like a sledge hammer with teeth,” Orr explains. “She would stop for a few seconds and then bite again. Over and over. After a couple minutes, but what seemed an eternity, she disappeared.”

The bloodied and bruised man got up and tried to make his way to his car. Then, the bear came back. “I couldn’t believe this was happening a second time! Why me?” he adds. “I was so lucky the first attack, but now I questioned if I would survive the second.” Orr laid face-down with his arms wrapped around the back of his neck until he knew the bear had left.

He then made his way to his car and drove himself to the a nearby hospital. “I think he did an excellent job under the circumstances, but he ran into a bear who wasn’t happy with his presence — and he lived to tell about it,” Madison County Sheriff Roger Thompson says. “I think he should go out and buy a lottery ticket now.”

To check out Orr’s video and pictures of himself post the attack, click here, but be warned they are graphic.

Source: Huffington Post

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