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Man Gets Wedding Wing Stuck On His Dong

Imagine this: you’re a firefighter and you get an emergency call. No, it isn’t a fire. Not a heart attack. Not even a cat in a tree. This emergency is something unlike you have ever encountered before. In China, an 18-year-old man got desperate after spending two days with his meat twinkie stuck in a wedding ring.

For the sake of what little pride there is, we are going to assume it was a man’s wedding band. There is no clear cut reason WHY he wanted to put the ring on his wonder worm, but that isn’t the most pressing question here. After he realized it was stuck…why did he wait two days to get help?

Unfortunately for him, there are plenty of pictures as the 90-minute procedure went down. The man is clearly in pain as he clutches his junk with a bag of ice. What is also clear is that the jewelry store surely doesn’t cover that kind of damage in their warranty.

See the pictures and video HERE

Source: Daily Mail

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