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He Smuggled Gold From The Canadian Mint In His Ass…Allegedly

Leston Lawrence is a former employee of The Royal Canadian Mint, and now stands accused of smuggling $180,000 worth of gold…in his ass. The legal decision won’t come down until November, but proving the case could prove difficult for The Mint due to amazingly poor security.

The story goes like this: a teller at Ottawa Gold Buyers became suspicious of the amazing amount of gold that Lawrence was bringing it. That suspicion grew when she found out he worked The Mint. The problem was that no one could figure out how he was getting the booty out – until they thought about his booty.

Here’s the weird part: The Mint says that Leston set off the metal detector, but many people do so they gave him the wand treatment. They can’t actually prove that gold is missing because none of it was marked, and Leston didn’t act suspicious with the gold so he could have gotten it legally as far as they know.

  • ONE MORE THING! These gold pieces are called “pucks”….so feel free to insert your “puck in the ass” joke here.

Source: Ottawa Citizen

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