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Supermom Pumps Breastmilk While Running A Half Marathon

Anna Young just had a baby five months ago, that didn’t stop her from running a half marathon last weekend. And as if that’s not impressive enough, this breastfeeding mama also pulled out a hand pump from her backpack at mile eight and walked while she pumped. And THEN she ran the rest of the half marathon. This pretty much makes her a supermom!

A photographer snapped a pic of the amazing moment and when Young saw it she shared it with the mommy Facebook group Occupy Breastfeeding, and not surprisingly, it went viral. Young says the photo is especially meaningful to her because she initially had trouble breastfeeding her newborn daughter. The baby eventually had surgery to correct her tongue tie and then breastfeeding was a better experience for both of them.

Young came up with the “pump while running” plan because she was worried she’d get engorged during the long run if she didn’t nurse. And Young says most other runners didn’t even notice her walking and pumping as they passed, but one woman did cheer her on.

Turns out, Young’s been a competitive runner since high school and she hopes that her picture will encourage other moms to pursue their passions, even if they have little ones to care for. “From a lot of the response on the picture, it’s inspired other mothers to know that they can do the things they want to do,” says Young. “Motherhood and even breastfeeding doesn’t limit you from being able to accomplish the things you’re passionate about.”

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