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Pumpkin Spice Hair Color Is A Thing Now

Now that fall is approaching, it’s pumpkin spice season again. Everyone’s favorite latte flavor has taken over and now you can get almost anything pumpkin spice flavored – seriously, Cheerios, Greek yogurt, English muffins, mixed nuts and even Pringles all come in this flavor. So we probably shouldn’t be surprised that even beauty trends are affected and now pumpkin spice hair is a thing.

All you need to do is spend a few minutes on Instagram to see that the style trend of the moment is inspired by the psl. So what does pumpkin spice hair look like? It’s really just red hair, there doesn’t seem to be one shade that is “pumpkin.” Some women have deep auburn locks, others go for lighter strawberry blonde ‘dos, and some like a richer, more orange color instead.

So pumpkin spice hair is really all over the red hair spectrum and some stylists are getting pretty creative with the multidimensional tones and edgy cuts. If you’re a fan of red hair, there are lots of different pumpkin spice hair looks to choose from and find your own personal favorite.

But now that even our hair is pumpkin spice, have we finally reached the peak of all things ps? Probably not. Just when we think we’ve heard it all, something new comes out inspired by the flavor or color of the orange vegetable. But the pumpkin spice hair trend is a good one and lovely locks in a shade of red or orange makes a lot more sense than a pumpkin spice burger or hummus.

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