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Science Says A Longer Weekend Could Make Us Healthier

After enjoying a lovely three-day weekend, we can all imagine what a wonderful world it would be if we got to have those three days off every weekend. And science has our backs on this one. Recent studies have shown that working less could mean big boosts for our physical and mental health.

Research from Sweden has shown that when people work less hours, they’re more productive and sick less than when working traditional hours. And Alex Williams, sociology lecturer from City University in London, argues that a shorter work week improves “work/life balance” because it gives us “more time to spend on social activities, to care for children and the elderly, and to engage with our communities.”

So now that we all agree that working less is better, how do we actually make the change from the five-day workweek? Employers might be scared that we can’t possibly be as productive, but we need to think about quality instead of quantity. Economists have made the point that our regular work days are filled with hours that we’re not using to their full potential. So making changes to how long our work days and work weeks are could make a big difference in our performance while we’re at work.

According to Williams, instead of working longer hours “for little productive benefit,” we should just “embrace a shorter working week and help save our planet and our own well-being.” And we totally agree. Three day weekends for everyone!

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