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Fun Exercise Activities For People Who Hate The Gym

We want to be fit and healthy, but not all of us like the gym. They’re crowded and sweaty, plus all that equipment is confusing and there are other sweaty people on it most of the time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get in a sweat sesh when you want to, you just need to think outside the box – or gym. Try these creative, fun ways to burn calories instead.

  • Walk the dog – But don’t let her linger by that strange smelling bench too long, make her keep up your pace.
  • On that note, volunteer to clean up a park or beach – You’ll get to work your muscles and help the world.
  • Grab some friends and play Frisbee – Fresh air, friends and movement. Win-win-win.
  • Take a post-dinner stroll – Don’t even sit down to turn on the TV until you get a 30-minute walk in after you eat.
  • Tend to your garden – Don’t ignore those weeds any longer, tone your arms while you clean up your green space.
  • Join the kids’ game of tag – Why sit back and watch when you can have fun and raise your heart rate for a few minutes.
  • Dance party – Put on Beyoncé, or whatever makes you want to get moving and shaking and bust a move in your family room for 15 minutes. Who needs Zumba? Not you!
  • Skip the crunches and hula-hoop instead – Work your core with this childhood fave.
  • Use commercials to plank – Don’t scroll through social media during TV commercials, get on the ground and make those three minutes count with a plank.
  • Cool off in the pool – While you’re in there, walk, tread water, backstroke, or play Marco Polo…it’s all calories burned.

Source: Pure Wow

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