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Someone Stole A Dinosaur Leg In Norway

If you happen to be in Norway and spot a 55-foot-tall fiberglass dinosaur leg laying around, give the good people at Dinoworld a call.

According to The Local, somebody stole the massive prop from the traveling dinosaur exhibit and the German family that owns Dinoworld is appealing directly to whoever took the leg. “We don’t care how we get it back, or what has happened, we just want it back,” spokesperson Magnus Winther explains. “We can clearly see the humor in this, but for us this is quite serious, and it won’t quite be the same for the kids if the dinosaur is missing a leg.”

The leg in question belongs to the Diplodocus model, the largest in the exhibition. At this point, a police report hasn’t been filed. “It doesn’t seem very likely that they would put a lot of resources into finding a dinosaur leg,” Winther explains. “What I have said is that we won’t file a police report if we get the foot back again but if we don’t, then we’ll have to consider it. This isn’t exactly a cheap attraction.” Plus, as he adds, “This is a fairly large leg, so it’s not exactly something you take with you and run off with it.”

Source: The Local

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