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Belly Button Surgeries Are Trending

Crop tops could be to blame, or maybe it’s the pressures of swimsuit season, but belly button plastic surgery is a thing now. According to info from, an online cosmetic surgery community, interest in this procedure has increased 33% this year compared to last. And plastic surgeon Matthew Shulman says he’s seen a lot more patients recently who want to make their outies into innies.

If you were born with an outie, doctors can “trim and tack down” the extra skin to give you the navel of your dreams. But if your outie was caused by a hernia – and you can get those during pregnancy – the doc might advise you to get the procedure for medical reasons and the surgery is a little longer. Turning your outie into an innie can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on how complicated it is.

As for the pain afterward, they say it feels like you’ve done too many crunches at the gym. “There’s very little discomfort afterward,” says Schulman. “And my patients rarely require anything more than Tylenol for mild soreness.” But he does suggest you lay off the targeted abdominal exercises, Pilates and stomach stretches in classes like yoga for three weeks until your internal stitches heal.

And sculpting your ideal belly button doesn’t come cheap, it costs about $3,500 and it’s irreversible. So maybe it’s better to just embrace yours, no matter what it looks like. We’ve got enough to worry about without belly button shame!

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

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