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Car Colors With The Best Resale Value

There are many factors that go into buying a new car. But if you’re looking to trade in your ride someday, the color you choose can affect how much a vehicle is worth on the used-car market. And sometimes, hues that are less popular among new-car buyers can boost a car’s resale value.

According to a recent study, the average car depreciates by about 30% during the first three years of ownership. Orange and yellow cars lost only about 22% of their value during that period of time. Green was the next best, with at about 25% depreciation in three years.

It comes down to supply and demand. Cars in orange, yellow and green make up just 1.5% of all vehicles, so they can be hard to find. They’re popular enough among used-car shoppers to command higher prices. Another possible factor? Sports cars and luxury models often come in bright colors, whereas more conservative vehicles tend to stick to a more neutral palette.

Top 10 average three-year depreciation percentage for cars by color (lowest to highest):

1. Orange – 21.6%

2. Yellow – 22.0%

3. Green – 24.5%

4. Brown – 28.5%

5. Red – 29.1%

6. Gray – 29.5%

7. White – 29.5%

8. Blue – 29.9%

9. Black – 30.2%

10. Silver – 30.6%

Source: Today Money 

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