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Eating Fruits And Vegetables Actually Makes You Happier

All our lives, we’ve heard that eating fruits and veggies will keep our bodies healthy, but new research shows it’s even better than we thought. Turns out, that apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor away, it might help us beat the blues, too!

This new study was the first of its kind to look at how eating healthy fruits and vegetables every day – and it apparently shows the affects on psychological well being. Researchers wanted to know what a daily dose of the good stuff does besides lower the risk for cancer and heart disease, so they had 12,000 participants keep food diaries and track how much produce they ate over two years. Their psychological state and overall happiness were also checked periodically.

Researchers found that those who ate more fruits and veggies got some massive mental benefits, even after adjusting for lifestyle changes at home and work that could affect mental health. And the more servings of fruit and veggies people ate, the bigger the psychological payoff was. The “happiness boost” they measured was basically like going from being unemployed to employed. Which is HUGE!

So what’s causing the surge in optimism? Scientists have a few theories: one is that it could be the antioxidants, and they say it could also be that a healthier gut affects the brain and as a result your mood in a positive way. The mood boosts also start almost immediately, so quit procrastinating and start eating more fruits and vegetables sooner than later. Cold pressed juice, anyone?

Source: Women’s Health

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