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How To Eat Less Sugar

We’ve all heard how bad sugar is for us, but it’s just unrealistic to think we can cut it out altogether. But we know it would be better for us to eat less of it, so here are some small ways to cut back and not feel deprived.

  1. Be wary of low-fat products – Sure, they seem like healthy options, but they’re sometimes worse than the full-fat versions since they replace fat with sugar so they’ll taste good. So it’s actually better to enjoy the full-fat foods, just do it in moderation. You know they taste better anyway and they probably have less sugar.
  2. Eat more naturally found healthy fats – Not only do you want to avoid low-fat products, there are some fats you should actually eat more of. Healthy fats like those in avocados, nuts and whole eggs, help to keep blood sugar stable and keep you full for longer. That also keeps you from grabbing for a quick sugar fix when your energy level drops.
  3. Drink your coffee black – Sure, those caramel and mocha coffee concoctions are yummy, but they’re packed with sugar. A cup of black coffee might not taste as good at first, but you can get used to it. Add some whole milk if you want to, but avoid sugar and fake sugars or packaged creamers to keep it healthy.
  4. Learn how to spot secret sugar -You know to read the ingredient labels on foods and look for “sugar” but that sweet stuff also goes by tons of other names, so you need to get familiar with those common aliases so you’re not getting more than you realize.
  5. Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store – Plan ahead when you go food shopping to help both your waistline and wallet. If you spend most of your time at the supermarket shopping the perimeters where there are more whole foods and less packaged stuff, you’re less likely to buy those cookies and such that are processed and full of sugar.

Source: Pure Wow

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