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The Truth About Bad Barbecue Behavior

It’s safe to say a lot of people will be headed to a barbecue or two this weekend, and while they’re usually a good time, it seems there’s one thing everyone should probably be worried about. According to a new poll, for the most part, guests don’t always exhibit the best behavior, and in some cases they’re pretty gross.

For example, if you are a germaphobe, you may want to rethink putting that chip in the onion dip or guacamole. That’s because 25% of people admit to double dipping. And when you grab a chip, chances are your hands will get a bit dirty. And while most people do seek out a napkin to wipe off, 40% of folks say that when no one’s looking they wipe their hands on something other than a napkin.

Other gross admissions? Believe it or not, 21% of people say they’ve spilled a drink at a party and just walked away, while 28% of guests admit to drinking from a cup that they weren’t exactly sure was their own.

Of course, not everyone is on such bad behavior. In reality, 97% of folks say they gladly stay and help a host clean up after a party, while many say they bring a hostess gift and 75% will send a thank you note. And the gross eating behavior does have its limits too. In fact, 93% of Americans say they don’t believe in the “5 Second Rule” and would never eat food off the floor. What a waste!

Source: The Street

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