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Shirt Stained With John Lennon’s Blood Sells Big At Auction

It seems there’s a never-ending stream of Beatles-related auctions. The latest took a turn for the grisly, however. A shirt worn by Jay Hastings, who was on duty as concierge at the Dakota when Lennon was shot, was put up for auction, complete with the late icon’s blood on it.

The lot also included Hastings’ signed copy of “Double Fantasy,” a 1978 Thanksgiving card from the family with a printed message signatures from John, Yoko and Sean, and a typed letter from Yoko Ono two weeks after her husband’s death thanking the staff for their support, in its original envelope with Hastings’ name written on the front.

All in all, the collection of memorabilia was sold for over $40,800. “Jay Hastings kept this shirt all these years and never really spoke about it,” Garry Shrum, from Heritage Auctions, explains. “It has just been sitting in a drawer for years and now he is getting older he felt it was time to sell it.” He adds that the auction house did question whether this was “too dark” or “wrong” to sell, but ended up deciding Hastings isn’t trying to exploit Lennon’s death.

Source: Mirror

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