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The Most Annoying Person On The Beach Is…?

Now that school’s out (for most people) and the days are warmer a lot of people will be spending their vacation and weekends soaking in the sun at the beach, but we all know our fellow beachgoers can sometimes ruin our trip.

So, what behavior annoys us the most? Well, according to a’s 2016 Flip Flop Report, the person who drives American beachgoers the craziest is “The Slob,” who leaves garbage on the beach when they leave. “The Slob” received 48% of the vote to beat out “The Inattentive Parent,” who doesn’t watch their kids, who got 44%, although let’s face it, they are equally annoying.

Americans 10 least popular beach personas are:

  1. The Slob (48%)
  2. The Inattentive Parent (44%)
  3. The Loud Mouth (37%)
  4. The Encroacher (35%)
  5. The Boozer (34%)
  6. The DJ (28%)
  7. The Sand Flinger (28%)
  8. The Paparazzi (23%)
  9. The Ogler (18%)
  10. The Canoodler (18%)

Among the survey’s other findings:

  • Austrians edged out Germans for having the most people go fully nude on the beach (28% vs. 25%)
  • Asia has the most modest beachgoers, with only 2% of Malaysians and South Koreans, and 3% of Thai and Japanese folks sunbathing nude
  • 62% of Americans describe themselves as “somewhat or very uncomfortable” with toplessness or nudity on the beach, with 77% of American females saying they’ve never gone topless on the beach
  • Worldwide 63% of beachgoers approve of Speedos, while only 48% of Americans consider it “acceptable” for men to wear
  • 24% of respondents said European beachgoers are the most attractive, while 46% of Americans said the U.S. had the most attractive beachgoers, particularly in Florida and Hawaii


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