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Dude Pulls Off The Most Genius Breakup Ever

Getting divorced usually ends up in a mess where you see your kids for three hours every week and end up living in a tent behind a Costco. But one Redditor has officially cracked the code to get divorced, keep your kids, AND your money.

It all started when our unnamed hero booted up an old iPad which was still connected to his then-wife’s Facebook Messenger. That’s where he found over 70 pages worth of evidence of an affair.

  • Step one — Talk to a lawyer to set up an ironclad separation contract where he got the kids, half his money, and the house.
  • Step two — Our hero waited until his wife and lover met up at a local hotel.
  • Step three — Meet her in the lobby and threaten to send all 70 pages of proof of the affair to everyone they know including their rebellious teen daughter. Gotta keep those kids happy right mom?

Now the “Man with the Plan” never did show his kids the pages of infidelity, but he did leave a Google search of “how to get over your wife’s infidelity” up on his home computer — Ooops.

So when all of the dust settled and the divorce was finalized the Redditor had his kids on his side, the house in his name, and cash in the bank. Check out the entire saga here.
Source: Bro Bible

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