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Woman Collects Realistic Baby Dolls, Wears Fake Baby Bump

When you think about someone playing with dolls, you probably imagine a little girl. Kathryn Barnes is 21 and says that her love of doll collecting has led to cyberbulling. 

The Chicago woman collects very realistic baby dolls, called “reborn” dolls, and would post pictures of them on her Instagram account. She thought a fun way to announce she was getting another one would be to post pictures of herself wearing a fake baby bump. Some of her followers did not feel the same way.

“Reborn parents use the term ‘reborn pregnancy,’ when they’re expecting a new doll and role-play the ‘pregnancy’ by posting photos online of tests and hospital rooms where they would go in to ‘labour,'” Barnes explains. “I learned the term when I joined the reborn community on Instagram and I started posting photos because I decided it was a cool way to let my followers know I was receiving a reborn.”

After “bullying and harassment,” however, Barnes has deleted her account. “People were private messaging me criticizing me and what I was doing,” she says. “It confused me as others did it too, but I didn’t want a fight.”

The reborn mom hopes to have an account again soon. Here’s a look at some other reborns on Instagram:

Source: Daily Mail

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