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FBI Wants To Profile You Based On Your Tattoos

The FBI is always looking for new ways to track people and that sweet butterfly tattoo behind your ear isn’t helping you stay off the radar. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has found that The Feds might start using your tats to profile you.

How are they doing it? The FBI is currently working on a brand new piece of software that would help track, group, and profile people using something as small as a tattoo.

Now this isn’t a new way of tracking people. Law enforcement has used body art to track gang affiliations for year. That swastika on your forehead isn’t doing you any favors when trying to stay out of jail.

There have been some red flags when it comes to the researchers making this controversial software to track tattoos. During their experiments on prisoners they didn’t really… well… seek permission from them. To make it worse they didn’t offer up extra security to the prisoners either. Nobody gets hurt in prison right?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has said it will closely inspect the surveillance program. Now don’t you feel better?
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