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Woman Buys Used Freezer, Finds A Human Foot Inside

One women in Goldsboro, North Carolina thought she got a bargain when she bought a freezer from a neighbor for $30. Instead, she got the beginnings of a horror movie. The woman, who being identified only as Jane, says when she opened her freezer, she found a human foot- and she thinks she knows whose it is.

Jane claims her neighbor told her not to open the freezer for three weeks because a “time capsule” for her church was inside. “She told me that if I could keep it here and keep it sealed until the church came and picked it up and got the contents,” Jane explains, “I would be able to keep the deep freezer afterward.” After three weeks, she felt the situation had turned “sketchy” and Jane decided to open to freezer. She says the neighbor’s elderly mother hadn’t been seen in months and she “even had the idea that maybe her mom was in there.”

“I went in there and I opened it up,” Jane remembers. “Lifted the lid and I saw a foot. And I put the lid back down and I tried to analyze what I just saw. And it looked fake so I opened it again and I looked again. But then I recognized the foot. It was her mother’s foot.”

Officials haven’t yet identified the body, but Jane is sure of her hunch.

Source: AOL

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