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The Rise Of The Workplace Food Thief

Do you remember the “Friends” episode where Ross flipped out when someone stole his sandwich at work? Well, apparently there may be a lot more Rosses in the office, because the stealing of food has become pretty common in the workplace these days.

A new survey found that a whopping 71% of full-time workers say their personal snack, drink or meal has been stolen out of the office’s kitchen. Of course, nobody will admit to being guilty of the crime, with only 35% owning up to being food thieves.

For some reason, Millennials are the biggest victims of food theft, with 73% saying their food was taken, but they are also the ones most likely to be snack thieves, with 48% admitting to swiping food. Folks in urban areas are also more likely to admit being food thieves (40%), as are men, who are twice as likely as women to admit they’ve taken food that didn’t belong to them.

And it seems that long hours in the office may be to blame for all that missing food. The survey found that those who work more than 41 hours a week are more likely to admit being food thieves (42%) than those who work less than 40 hours (30%).

Source: Yahoo Finance

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