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Experts Say Facebook Can Listen To All Of Your Conversations

Facebook — current overlord of the Internet — admits that your microphone on your phone is live and they’re listening. They say that the only reason they do that is so they can be aware of what’s going on around you and suggest that you post about it. Creepy.

Kelli Burns, a professor at the University of South Florida, says that Facebook is doing way more than that. Even creepier. She says that they’re not just gathering audio for suggested posts but to show advertisements that you’d like. Now that’s Danny DeVito creepy.

So how does she know? The professor has tested it out herself saying that she would discuss certain topics around her phone and then Facebook would pop up with ads about what she was just talking about.

A spokesperson for Facebook is denying these accusations saying they serve people with “relevant ads based on people’s interests, but not through audio collection.” Yeah…right.

If you’re worried about Mark Zuckerberg listening in on your bathroom habits there is a very easy way to stop it. Here are the deets:

  • On the iPhone: Go to settings, scroll down to Facebook, click on the settings and then switch off the slider for “microphone.”
  • On Android phones: Go to settings and then privacy, and change the permissions that Facebook is given.

Source: Independent

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