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Bachelor Parties Are Now More Expensive Than Bachelorette Parties

Remember back in the day when bachelor parties were just one stripper in an abandoned VFW? Well those days are long gone — and according to a study guys actually spend more money than the ladies during these pre-wedding activities.

Lee Abbamonte, a travel blogger from New York City, says it could cost up to 10-thousand dollars per person (yup, you heard that right) to get your last hurrah on! And get this – it can be even more if you get some rich guy trying to impress his buddies with the presidential suite. Those bachelor parties can hit six figures. Those are some expensive party favors.

So what’s the deal? When it comes to both guys and girls — millennials tend to move away from home and they like experiences rather than things. That drives the price up.

What sets the dudes apart is that a lot of guys see this as an end to life as it is. So when they go out to celebrate — mourn — they have a go big or go home mentality.

While Vegas is still the big choice for a classic bachelor party some new places are popping up to as preferred spots. Eastern Europe hot spots like Prague and Ukraine have become recent fan favorites. Just don’t watch “Hostel” before going.
Source: Bloomberg

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