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Plan Your Next Vacation To This Wine Theme Park

If you’re hitting the road this summer for a vacay but you’re still undecided about where to go, there’s a new theme park opening in June that might be worth considering. But don’t think long lines for rides, whiny kids and characters in furry costumes. Nope, this is a theme park from our dreams because a wine theme park is opening in France.

The City of Wine or “La Cité du Vin” is opening in Bordeaux, France and it’s definitely the most appealing theme park we’ve ever heard of. Their website explains that it’s going to be a place “where wine comes to life through an immersive, sensorial approach” and they want to give visitors a perspective on wine throughout history and different cultures. So there will be learning, but more importantly wine drinking.

But what else can we do there, aside from all the wine drinking? Here are some highlights:

  • Get a panoramic view of Bordeaux – The park has a 10-story, $91-million structure and from the top, known as the Belvedere, you can see 360-degree views of Bordeaux.
  • Take the permanent tour – This is checking out the 20 different themed areas in the enormous exhibition space. You can learn about wine history and such, and we hope drink while you tour.
  • Attend an exhibition – They plan to have two big ones every year on different cultural and artistic themes.
  • Check out a wine workshop – Learn more about vino in their immersive space, with images, lights, sounds and smells. Some of their options include a family workshop, one on the wine of writers and even a juniors one for the kiddies. Fun for the whole family!
  • Eat, drink, and be merry – What would a wine theme park be without some eats to go with all that wine you’ll be learning about and enjoying all day? La Cité du Vin has one option with over 500 wines on their list and another has more than 50 wines by the glass to pick from. Are you ready to plan your next girls’ getaway now?

Source: Bustle

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