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The Government Is Stilling Using Super Old Computers And Floppies

We’ve seen the movies, read the stories. Our federal government has all the super top-secret goodies. But guess what else they have – super old stuff. As in, old school computer systems and platforms — and even floppy disks! We thought the iPhone Four was ancient.

What’s bad about this is some of the areas they’re using this tech in are social security and nuclear weapons — seems safe. To make matters worse, the government is spending close to three-fourths of its technology budget just to keep these dinosaur systems running.

Parts of the Defense Department are running on a 1970s IBM computing platform (think the computer in 1983’s “War Games”). The Transportation Department’s Hazardous Materials Information System runs on a 41-year-old system.

There may be some help on the horizon. Legislation to have $3-billion up for grabs to upgrade tech may get passed. Most likely will be something the next president deals with. After all, this Congress can’t even review a Supreme Court nominee, you think they’re going to get a vote on saving us money done? Not likely.

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