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This Magic Plate Can Suck The Calories Out Of Your Food

We want to eat healthier, but we don’t always make the best choices. But what if you could do it without changing anything about your food – no smaller portions, no extra tofu or chia seeds added to your meal. You could still enjoy your greasy dinner and the only thing you’d have to do is swap your china. It sounds like a dream come true and it just might be.

So what is this magic plate we’re talking about? It’s the Absorb Plate, a brilliant idea from advertising company BBDO Bangkok and Thailand’s Health Promotion Foundation. Thailand has the second-highest obesity rate in Southeast Asia, mostly because their delicious cuisine uses lots of oil. So instead of trying to change the way the food is prepared, these groups decided to look at how the food is served.

Their design was inspired by the surface of a sponge and the plate has 500 tiny holes in it that literally soak up the grease. They can absorb 7 milliliters of oil, which might not sound like much, but it’s about 30 calories. So this is like the high-tech version of dabbing your pizza with a napkin to get some of the grease off.

And how do we get our hands on one? Sadly, we can’t buy these yet, they’re still just an idea for now. But fingers crossed that they become a reality and make it stateside soon.

Source: Elle

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