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Talking Politics Could Potentially Ruin A First Date

When you’re out to make a good impression on a first date there are some topics that are off limits, and according to a new survey, politics should probably be one of them.

The dating website It’s Just Lunch asked over 1,300 singles “has a date’s political opinions ever ruined a date for you?” and 33% of people said yes, which may suggest you rethink telling anyone who you’re voting for this election. And of the people who said yes to the question, only 15% were willing to give the date another chance, with 18% writing them off for good.

As for which side is more forgiving, those singles who consider themselves “more conservative” seemed to take the biggest issue with political discussions, with 41% saying a date’s political opinion ruined a date, and 21% not willing to give that date another chance.

But it seems the majority of folks don’t even want to deal with people who aren’t like-minded when it comes to politics. The poll found that 63% of singles, and 73% of conservative singles, will only date people that have similar political leanings as they do.

And while it’s probably is smarter to not talk about politics on a date, some folks actually don’t mind it. The survey found that 69% of folks thought it could possibly be a positive thing, and 41% said that while it could be risky, it could make for good conversation. And another 28% thought it was a good way for two people to connect on an intellectual level. As long as it doesn’t end in a brawl!

Source: It’s Just Lunch

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