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She Had To Say No To The Man She Loved Because His Proposal Was That Bad

When you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and you’ve talked about getting married, you’re ready to say yes when your beloved pops the question. But for Reddit user marrymonay, things didn’t go down like that. She might win for least romantic proposal story ever.

She’d been with her man for three and a half years, they lived together and had talked about marriage and future plans a lot. She knew she wanted to spend her life with him – until he sat her down with a spreadsheet of all the financial benefits of being married and then asked if she wanted to.

And it gets worse. “He even broke it down into a dollar amount each month that I’m “worth,” she wrote. “We aren’t hurting for money, it’s not a solution to a problem. I don’t know what made him think that’s how you go about asking someone to marry you.” We totally agree, sister!

So this woman told the man she loved that she wouldn’t marry him, saying that she wasn’t ready for that commitment. She wrote that her response hurt his feelings, but that she didn’t want to feel like he was only marrying her for financial benefit. And that she “can’t shake the feeling that he ruined the whole idea of getting married” for her. She’s afraid that even if he “re-does the proposal” that she’ll still feel that way.

Marrymonay says she explained how she feels to her partner, but told Reddit users that “he thinks that if I wanted to marry him and be with him I would have said yes regardless of the proposal.” And since she can’t get him to understand how he hurt her feelings, she asked for help to make him understand. Good luck, lady, but if he doesn’t get it, it’s time to move on.

Source: Mamamia

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