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What Every Couple Should Have In Their Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your happy place. But it often gets overrun with clothes and clutter, so it’s anything but. The good news? There are easy fixes to change the feeling in there. So if you want to make your room more romantic, these are the things you need.

  • A soothing color on the walls – You want your bedroom to be a place to relax, so skip the red paint in there. Pick a calming color to set the mood you’re trying to create. Remember, you’re going for romance in there.
  • Quality sheets – This isn’t always the same thing as expensive, so know what you’re looking for when you go shopping so you don’t pay too much. Flash-sale sites like One Kings Lane have good deals on popular brands, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to get good bedding. You can get luxury hotel-quality sheets from the Brooklyn-based startup Brooklinen for about $100.
  • A clutter-free zone – Your messy room filled with piles of laundry, stacks of mail, framed photos and candles on every surface can totally kill your romantic mood. So hide what you can inside drawers, cabinets, baskets and boxes to keep things clean and tidy.
  • Music – Some people can’t imagine not having a TV in their bedroom, but it’s definitely a distraction. If you want to set the tone, music is a much better choice to give you some background sound without pulling all your attention.
  • Mood lighting – If you’ve only got your bright overhead light in your bedroom, it can be hard to make that romantic. So find some lower light alternatives – like lamps or string lights for when you don’t need that super intense bright light.
  • A dining tray – Forget breakfast in bed, this thing can help you have chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in the bedroom. And that’s definitely romantic!

Source: PopSugar

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