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Parents Paying Big Money For Ringers To Do Kids’ Homework

Paying someone to do your homework isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, but it seems it’s no longer kids hiring other kids in their class to help them get A’s, it’s parents hiring ringers. According to a report in the “New York Post,” more and more rich parents are outsourcing homework to guarantee their kids get good grades, and they’re paying a pretty penny for it.

A 27-year-old named Ben from Bushwick, Brooklyn gets paid $350 for every 500-word writing assignment he completes, explaining, “[The mom and I operate] under the polite fiction I write a paper that is to be used as a ‘guideline,’ but I think we all know that’s not true.” Meanwhile, one Manhattan dad, who hired “help” for his eighth grade daughter, describes it to his daughter as being the same thing as having an “assistant” at work. Right, except your kids aren’t learning anything…

A 25-year-old tutor named Joelle says she’s routinely asked by parents if she could just do the assignment for the child, which she won’t do because she calls it “cheating.” Parents are so desperate that Joelle says, “When I say no, they just offer more money.”

Of course, sometimes things can backfire, especially if the person a parent hires doesn’t know how to make it look and sound like a kid did their project. One New Jersey mom spent $1,500 to have a Columbia engineering student do her son’s physics assignment, only for it to be too elaborate for a high schooler to hand in. In the end the parent made her kid do the assignment on his own. Not only did she not get the money back, but her kid wound up with a C.

Source: New York Post

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