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A Livestream of Stray Cats Eating is a Hit in South Korea

The latest internet stars in South Korea are of the feline variety. “Cats Meok Bang” is a video feed showing stray cats eating outside of Koo Eun-je’s mother-in-law’s house.

The South Korean man spotted a stray outside and left some food out for it. Soon, there were more cats. So naturally, he set up a web cam. “We started the channel simply for me and my wife to watch, but other viewers also started watching it,” the 35-year-old explains. “We guessed that there would be one or two cats, but now it turns out that 17 cats are coming to eat food.”

After four months, 110,000 South Koreans check the site, and some even send in money to help cover Koo’s living expenses and whatever he needs for the felines, including food.  He’s embraced the whole idea, even changing the decorations at the “restaurant for cats” and placing a chalkboard featuring the day’s menu in view of the camera.

The cats only come by for meals, so viewers get excited when an animal pops by for a bite to eat. As one cat fanatic puts it, “They are like unexpected joy suddenly visiting you.”

Perhaps the most impressive part of “Cats Meok Bang?” It’s helping to turn around the negative view of cats in South Korea. Many older Koreans believe cats are wicked and untrustworthy animals. Strays specifically are referred to as “thief cats” because it’s believed the animals steal food from humans to survive. Now, viewers say they look at felines on the street with “affection.”

“Cats Meok Bang” is only available in Korea, but you can check out a clip to the right.

Source: Associated Press

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