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Science Says You Can Order Take Out and Still Lose Weight

Takeout is a wonderful thing. It’s got your back on those nights when you’ll never be able to cook dinner and get it on the table. It saved my family several nights last week! Of course, it’s easy to get spoiled by it and yes, sometimes, we do overindulge because of it. It’s just so easy when all you have to do is add that slice of cake or side of fries to your order. And there goes our clean eating for the week. Oops!

But there’s good news for the takeout junkie in all of us. According to a recent study, we can actually enjoy our takeout food and still shrink our waistlines. The secret is just writing down your order first – before you call it in. Sounds too easy, but science says it works.

Basically, when you speak, you use an area of the brain that has less self-control. But when you write down your food order before you phone it in, you’re more likely to make healthier choices, since writing is “less emotional and impulsive” than just thinking of what you want while you’re talking. So that’s why you end up ordering those fries when you’re at the restaurant counter and you’re just telling them your order.

So go on and enjoy your delicious dinner that you didn’t have to cook. Just be sure to write down your order before you call to place it, so you can make a healthier choice and eat guilt-free. Now, where’s that menu?

Source: PureWow

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