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Parents Stranded As Cruise Ship Sails Off With Their Two Kids On Board

When you’re on vacation with your kids, logic says you stick with them. But not for one family, who was traveling aboard the Norwegian Breakaway from New York to the Bahamas. Apparently, mom was M-I-A after a stop in the Bahamas – so dad decided to disembark and look for her. He found her, but they didn’t make it back in time and the ship disembarked without them, leaving their two kids behind. And mom sobbing on her knees on the doc.

And while you may have heard that bit – we have now have more details. As it turns out dad knew there was a chance he’d miss the boat (which waited more than 30 minutes for the couple’s return), so when he got off to look for his wife, he took their travel documents with him. As for their two kids – said to be nine and 12 – they weren’t alone, they were left in the care of an uncle and other family members.

And there was a reunion – though the boat didn’t turn around. Instead, Norwegian made travel arrangements for the stragglers and the family to meet up with the rest of their family back in New York. So far, none of the family has been named.

  • A fellow traveler caught footage of the couple’s emotional reaction to being left behind. In the video, you can hear other passengers showing little sympathy for the parent, pointing out that the schedule is very clear. Check out the clip to the right.

Source: Daily Mail

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