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You Can Now Pay a Pro to Name Your Baby

It seems like when it comes to baby names, anything goes. People get really creative and find inspiration for what to call their little ones in everything from primary colors, to fruit, to TV shows. Those aren’t always good choices and maybe some people could have used help. Deciding on a name for your baby is a big deal since this is something they’ll have forever. And it’s such an important choice that some parents are now hiring people to do the deciding for them. Yep, paying a pro to name your baby is a thing now.

Bloomberg reports that recently more of these “newborn naming services” are opening in the U.S. and Europe. And what’s the going rate for hiring strangers to make this super personal choice for you? One firm in Switzerland charges an unbelievable $29,000. But they claim to be spending two or three weeks and about 100 hours to the choice, so that’s a bargain, right?

But exactly what are you getting for such a huge price tag? Well, these companies do all the important things, like verify the name hasn’t been trademarked and that it doesn’t have an “aggravating past.” So it won’t be a name that’s linked to anything terrible like wars or conflicts.

One of these pro baby namers is Sherri Suzanne, head of My Name for Life. She works with “culture experts” to find a name that fits your family background. But couldn’t you probably do a better job of that yourself? Maybe with some help from your family tree? Of course, she’s the pro here, but you could save all that money for your kid’s college fund and just pick a name from some baby name list or from a relative you like, just like the rest of us did.

Source: Good Housekeeping

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