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How to Get Your Butt to the Gym

Some lucky people bounce out of bed in the morning and they’re ready to get their fitness on. Then there are the rest of us. Over the years, we’ve learned how to get up at a normal adult-approved times of the morning. We’ve learned how to figure out our own insurance and get loans and all that grown-up stuff. But we don’t always feel like working out and we definitely feel less like doing it in the morning, when we could be asleep. So here are some gym motivations for those of us who need an extra kick in the pants to get out the door.

1) The Night Before: Plan Your Your Workout-fit – The idea with this outfit is to find something to wear that you’re as excited to wear to the gym as you are after. Think of what shoes go best and what jacket will work with those leggings. Have fun with your workout clothes and look good in them.

2) The Night Before: Set Your Alarm With This App – This app called Kiwake is going to cost you $2, but it’s got a feature that’ll help you stop the snooze hitting habit that’s costing you time in the morning. It makes you take a photo of something far away from your bed before you go to sleep. Then, in the morning, it makes you take a picture of the same thing before the alarm will go off. Super annoying but effective, because by the time you’re bright-eyed enough to get the photo, you’re awake. And so you might as well go to the gym.

3) The Morning of: Do a Bit — JUST A LITTLE! — of Instagram Stalking – What’s a girl to do on a morning when she’d rather eat a foam roller than workout with it? The team at HBFIT suggests using Instagram to get you going like they do. They said, “Whenever we’re lacking motivation we scroll through Instagram, see all of the fitness girls sweating it out, get FOMO and suck it up.” But you actually have to get up and go sweat it out for results. Being a voyeur doesn’t do anything for you physically.

4) Have a Mean Friend Waiting For You – Ask a friend to meet you at the gym to hold you accountable. Pick someone who’s a little scary, so you’ll be afraid to cross her by not showing up. Motivation comes in all forms.

5) Set an Intention, Like Oprah – When “fitness artist” Nicole Winhoffer doesn’t feel like working out, she asks herself “What makes me feel good?” And her answer is sweating and moving her body, so working out isn’t a chore for her, but a way to feel better. So find something that makes you feel good and let that intention be your reason to get out of bed. Good luck!

Source: ManRepeller

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