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Babies Being Fed Junk Food as Early as Five Months Old

Parents who want kids to have good eating habits should probably start them pretty young, but it seems a lot of moms and dads are setting a bad example right from the get go. New research out of England found that a lot of parents are giving their babies junk food even when they’re too young to actually chew it for themselves.

The study out of Leeds Beckett University looked at the diets of 1,250 infants and found that many had been given chips and even soft drinks as early as five-months-old. In one instance it was so bad, a child’s teeth came in black because of the amount of soda they were given.

According to researchers, the older and more educated a parent was, the more fruits and vegetables they were likely to serve to kids, while teenage mothers and those from low incomes were more likely to serve their children things like French fries and potato chips.

“The fact that children are having this kind of food at such an early age is concerning enough,” said lead researcher Professor Pinki Sahota. “But parents are establishing bad eating habits for life.”

Source: The Daily Mail

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