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When You’re Stressed, These Are the Foods You Should Stay Away From

Even if you’re a healthy eater most of the time, it’s hard to maintain that pattern in times of duress. So when you’re feeling anxious, it’s good to eat foods with lots of vitamins and nutrients to help lower stress and soothe nerves naturally. The problem is, you don’t want healthy food when you’re under pressure, you crave the worst stuff for you.  And this is why you should stay away from…

Potato Chips – Sure, they’re delicious, but they don’t really offer much nutritional value and they’re full of trans fats, sodium and artificial stuff. Plus, non-organic potatoes are among the most heavily pesticide-sprayed crops. Avoid the processed snacks and try air-popped popcorn instead.

Coffee – Caffeine gives you a boost because it stimulates dopamine activity in the brain, but it can also heighten stress and might amp your anxiety. They say that two eight-ounce glasses of water can give you the same energy as a cup of coffee and being hydrated keeps your body running in peak performance mode, so try that instead of coffee.

Toast – When you’re having a stressful week, skip your usual bagel or toast, since your body processes complex carbs the same way as sugar. If you opt for protein, fiber and good fats instead, you’ll be better off.

Ice Cream – Refined sugar is bad because it spikes insulin, messes with blood sugar levels and eventually causes a crash. And it’s totally addictive, so the more you eat, the more you’ll crave it. Avoid refined sugars when you’re feeling stressed. Skip the ice cream and eat fruit instead.

Energy Drinks – These are full of sugar and caffeine, so you know why they’re not helping. And energy drinks have lots of caffeine, so they could mess with sleep, and that’s definitely not good when you’re stressed. Step back from the energy drinks and try to get into a regular sleep pattern instead.

Mac and Cheese – This is one of the yummiest comfort foods around, but it’s also the trifecta of cortisol boosters: complex carbs, fat and salt. Treat yourself to this once life settles down a bit but stay away for now because avoiding grains reduces inflammation in the body and boosts your mental focus and immune system. And that’s what you need!

Chocolate – Raw cacao is a superfood, but most processed chocolate has sweeteners and additives, which don’t help. So when you’re stressed and feel the need for some chocolate, reach for magnesium instead. Chocolate cravings could be the result of a magnesium deficiency, according to science. And magnesium is a natural calming agent, so it’ll help during your stressful times.

Burgers – You might be craving the red meat, complex carbs and sugar-filled sauces like ketchup that make the American favorite so good, but it’s not doing you any favors. Protein and complex carbs are hard to digest and when you’re stressed, your system is dealing with enough. Give it a break and enjoy your protein without a bun, like in a lettuce wrap instead. Make it easier for yourself, in any way you can, when you’re stressed.

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