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Stuff an Adult Woman Should Never Have in Her Home

You probably don’t wear T-shirts and leggings to the office or drink a can of beer at cocktail hour anymore. But you’re still living like a college student in some ways. Not sure you are? Take a look around your home and see if you have any of these accessories. If you do, it’s time to get rid of them so you can start feeling like a better, big girl version of you. It’s time!

  1. Plastic drawers – Do you really want those see-thru drawers anymore?
  2. Unframed posters – You may not have much of an art collection yet, but you’ve got to start upgrading sometime.
  3. A futon – Fine for a guest room, otherwise it’s a no-no.
  4. Flimsy cutlery – If your fork bends when you use it, that’s no fork you need in your life.
  5. Plastic folding chairs – These are fine for overflow outdoor seating, not in your living room.
  6. A crappy mattress – You’re a grown up, you deserve a good night’s sleep.
  7. Stuffed animals – Hey, we know that Mr. Stuffkins got you through your tough times as a teen but think of what your would-be suitors think when they see him on your bed.
  8. Freebie cups – Those reusable plastic cups were great when you had no money but just because you have four doesn’t make them a set. Now you can buy real cups.
  9. A curtain-less shower – You do realize a shower curtain liner is meant to be used WITH a shower curtain, not instead of it.
  10. Dry cleaner hangers – These are bad for your clothes, so it’s time to ditch them
  11. Beach towels as bath towels – They’ll work in a pinch, but they’re not the same thing.
  12. Anything from an ex – You don’t want that bad juju hanging around anymore.
  13. Mismatched sheets – You can now officially consider these an embarrassment. Buy a matching set. You’re a grown up now with a real mattress, you both deserve these.

Source: PureWow

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