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The New Dating App For Lazy People

If you’re not into Tinder’s photo approach, but you actually care if your date is a vegetarian, likes Trump and is allergic to cats, there’s a new dating app for you. It’s called Precisely and it wants to make it quick and painless for users to create profiles that are detailed, informative and searchable.

It’s not like Tinder’s minimalist photo approach and doesn’t require the long quizzes or essay writing that older sites like and OKCupid do. The peeps behind Precisely brag that it gives users the best of both worlds with their clickable menu of over 200 filters covering 25 different categories to help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for. On the physical side, there are filters for things like “blonde,” “beard,” and “big booty.” Then for the personality filters, they’ve got topics like art, fitness, politics, diet and religion.

“It saves so much time to segment what you’re looking for,” says Mindy Willens, who co-founded Precisely with her brother, Eric Willens. She says the average time to set up a profile is two minutes and 14 seconds since the app has easy segmenting features. But she says the bigger savings comes from not wasting time on dead-end dates.

You’re probably not likely to find your perfect, ideal Buddhist with a beard and three parakeets, but Precisely will show the closest matches, with their percentage rankings according to the filters. And get this: it can also show the user the most common traits of users who are attracted to THEM. Even better? You can hide your dating profile from your Facebook friends. Precisely is also developing “trending” filters that will temporarily track users views on hot topics like the presidential race and Star Wars. So if you’re into online dating, this could be your new favorite. Good luck out there!

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Source: NY Post

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