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Delete This One App to Give Your Phone Battery 20% More Life

If you delete one app from your Android phone, you could see your battery life jump by up to 20% — and the speed of your phone increased.

Unfortunately, the app is a very popular one…none other than Facebook.

That’s right, the Facebook app is slowing you down and sucking the life out of your smartphone.

Of course, many phone users would rather cut their right hands off than lose Facebook, but the facts are the facts.

Getting rid of the Facebook app gives your battery a major boost.

The good news is that Facebook Messenger isn’t quite so bad, so if you do decide to ditch the main app, you can run Messenger, and just stay logged into Facebook on Chrome.

Engage Your Audience:

  • Facebook is worth approximately $320-billion. Maybe they could throw a few bucks at trying to make their app more efficient? Too much to ask?
  • Imagine how much more fulfilling your life would be if you stopped spending all that time on social networks — and started using that time constructively. Of course, this is a pipe dream. Facebook has you in its claws and there’s no escape.

Source: Metro

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