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Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World

Here in the States, Valentine’s Day is  usually celebrated with a box of heart-shaped chocolates, some roses and maybe a romantic dinner, but in other parts of the world these simple things just won’t do.

A new infographic reveals some of the more bizarre ways folks around the world celebrate the romantic day, and it’s pretty apparent it doesn’t include any sort of Hallmark card.

Among them:

  • Japan – Women aren’t the ones being celebrated on Valentine’s Day. In fact, women give men chocolate on this day, while men reciprocate later in the year.
  • South Korea – There isn’t just one day to celebrate love rather 12, falling on the 14th of each month. Women are the ones to give gifts to men, and then the men reciprocate on “White Day” a month later. If no gift is given in return, the singles eat “Black Noodles” to celebrate and mourn their single life.
  • Scandinavia – Men send the object of their affection a poem, signed with a dot for each letter of their name. If the woman guesses right she is rewarded with an egg on Easter, if she’s wrong she must give the admirer an egg.
  • Estonia – They celebrate their friends on Valentine’s Day instead of their partners.
  • France – Before it was banned by the government, the French used to call out to each other to pair up for romance, with anyone not finding matches gathering later to burn photos of the men who rejected them.
  • Germany – Forget cupid, pigs are the symbol of love on Valentine’s Day. Statues of pigs are considered signs of good luck and usually combined with traditional romantic gifts.
  • Brazil – Brazilians place the names of people they like in a hat and randomly pick one, which is supposed to be the person they’ll end up marrying.
  • Italy – How better to spend Valentine’s Day than visiting St. Valentine’s skull in Rome?


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