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The Most Annoying Facebook Behavior

While Facebook can certainly be a fun time suck, there’s no doubt everyone has that unbearable Facebook friend who posts tons of photos of their babies, or won’t stop ranting about their political leanings. But what is the behavior that turns people off the most?

Well, a new survey conducted sought to find out just that, asking 10,000 people to choose the worst Facebook behavior was from five categories – political rants, baby pictures, personal problems, selfies and food pictures. The winner? By far personal problems, described as updates complaining about things going wrong in one’s life, was considered the most annoying, chosen by 62% of men and 68% of women.

And such annoying behavior seems to be turning some folks off Facebook. While some people may check their page two or three times a day, 73% of women polled said they could easily go between 30 and 60 days without checking the site, while 62% of men said the same.

And while the majority of states picked personal problems to be the most annoying, some states were more turned off by other types for posts. Among them:

  • New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, South Dakota, and Oregon are sick of seeing pictures of your babies
  • Nevada, Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Maryland and North Carolina get annoyed by political rants
  • Washington, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina are sick of selfies

Source: The Daily Mail

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