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Things You’ll Regret Not Doing in 2016

We all make New Year’s resolutions that we don’t keep. And then we feel terrible about it. But not this year. And if 2016 is going to be the year of being our best selves, here are the top things we need to do to make that happen.

  • Giving your home a mini-makeover – New Year, new look. The changes can be tiny, start with adding a new candle. Just make an effort to change things up a little to set this year apart.
  • Standing up for yourself – Confidence is tricky, but it’s important to know your strengths and when to stick up for yourself, whether that’s in your relationship, at work or with a friend.
  • Learning a new, somewhat complicated recipe – This is no weeknight, one-pot dinner recipe. This is taking the time to really master a complex recipe and feeling the pride and accomplishment you feel when that happens. Then host a dinner party to celebrate.
  • Going somewhere you’ve never been – Let this be the year you travel somewhere new, even if it’s within your own city. If you can’t take a trip around the globe to an exotic location, just try to get out of your comfort zone locally.
  • Exceeding a work goal – Set your personal goals higher than your team’s goal so you can elevate your success this year. When you dig deep and reach your goal, reward yourself with some career wardrobe staple, like a watch or a bag. That way, every time you see it, you’ll be reminded of your hard work.
  • Abolishing clutter from your life – Having less clutter gives you the mental and physical space you need to be creative and get stuff accomplished while enjoying a lighter feeling life. Get rid of the stuff that doesn’t have lasting value to you. Do it for yourself. Spend the time decluttering and tidying up regularly and you’ll enjoy the benefits.
  • Saying no – It’s not about being negative or unwilling to face a challenge, it’s more about knowing your limits. And if you don’t know yours, you can burn yourself out saying yes when your plate is already full, then you won’t get anything done. Nobody wants that.
  • Getting out of an unhappy relationship – This could be a friendship, a work relationship or a romance, but if you feel like you’re putting more into it than you’re getting out of it, it might not be worth your time. Being in any relationship that makes you unhappy isn’t good for your soul.
  • Curbing your spending – It’s hard to get through the day without some impulse buy, but all those little purchases all add up at the end of the month. Challenge yourself to save money by not ordering takeout for one month or not buying new clothes another.
  • Becoming a stronger negotiator – Don’t be afraid to start negotiating, everywhere from the local farmer’s market to your annual salary review. A recent study from the Pew research center found men negotiate four times more than we do. So let’s change that this year.

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