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KFC Offering Chicken Themed Weddings

If you know someone who really loves fried chicken and is getting married over the next year, have we got a wedding idea for you. Couples in Australia are being offered the fried chicken wedding of their dreams by Kentucky Fried Chicken. Couples looking to get married by next spring have the opportunity to have…

There’s Now A Call To Ban Sexy Ring Girls From The Octagon

It looks like the next domino to fall in the battle for political correctness could be in the UFC. On October 5th, UFC 243 will be held in Melbourne, Australia…and Lord Mayor of Melbourne Sally Capp wants the scantily clad ring girls that go into the Octagon between rounds to be gone. Capp calls the…

Teen Loses His Vision Because Of His Diet

  We all know that one picky eater in the family. The one person who just can’t or won’t eat what everyone else is having. Well, one teenager from the United Kingdom was described as a picky eater and he ended up partially losing his vision because of it. The 17-year-old ended up on a strict diet…

WTF File – Would You Eat a Pickle-Filled Oreo?

Pickles and Oreos are both big food trends right now, but as much as you may love each one. Have you ever considered combining them? Innovator Bill Kelly did and the frankenfood is now for sale at Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop. Kelly says he put a thin slice of pickle inside a classic Oreo sandwich…

Bride Asks Guest Wearing Military Uniform To Leave For Stealing Her Thunder

Bride Asks Guest Wearing Military Uniform To Leave For Stealing Her Thunder

  Everyone knows that when you go to a wedding the one thing you should never do is upstage the bride. Well, one bride claims that’s exactly what happened when one of her guests showed up in full military uniform, and how she handled it is up for debate. The unidentified bride shared on Reddit’s…

Yes Drummer Wants XYZ Supergroup Songs Released

Yes Drummer Wants XYZ Supergroup Songs Released

Remember the supergroup XYZ, consisting of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page along with Yes members Alan White and Chris Squire? Well, maybe not, since the project was trashed in 1981 before they could even release anything… but if you have, that’s probably because the group’s recordings ended up getting leaked. Page has said before that he always wanted to finish off the recordings and get them released. And in…

BA’s Video of the Night (11/27/18)

BA’s Video of the Night (11/27/18)

A very smart bear casually opened the door to the police station and walked right inside for a quick visit. We were able to obtain higher quality video of the first bear visit, including enhanced graphics. Enjoy….Please”Like” our page. Thanks. Posted by CHP – Donner Pass on Saturday, November 24, 2018  

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