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Science: You Don’t Become An “Adult” Until Your 30s

  However, new research has come out that shows a different way to look at “adulthood.” Professor Peter Jones, of Cambridge University, has found that it can take three decades for the human brain to fully transition into an “adult” brain. Sure, most law say that 18’s the time when you can officially be judged…

These New Gucci Sneakers Are Nearly $900 And Come Pre-Dirtied

  Looking for a new pair of springtime sneakers? Gucci has you covered with some fresh footwear and one style that’s selling for $870 even comes looking dirty, when they’re fresh out of the box. With the Screener Leather Sneaker, they’ve taken what look like they could’ve been white shoes at some point and given…

Woman With Tanning Obsession Accused Of Trying To Switch Races

A tanning-addicted student who sometimes gets mistaken for being a different race has argued that she’s ‘not racist’ and that she just really likes ‘having a tan.’ Hannah Tittensor is a 22-year-old college student from Belfast who discovered she really loves being bronzed and has now become addicted to being tan.  She will regularly hit the tanning…

Couple Accidentally Buys Crumbling 120 Year Old Mansion

Couple Accidentally Buys Crumbling 120 Year Old Mansion

  A young couple accidentally bought a derelict 120-year-old mansion instead of a two-bedroom flat that they had originally bid on at auction. It was a massive mix up at the auction house that landed them with the crumbling mansion for $39,733 instead of the two-bedroom apartment they were hoping for. Cal Hunter and Claire…

Luggage Filled with Lobsters Found At Airport

Luggage Filled with Lobsters Found At Airport

There’s no telling what people will try to pack in their luggage when traveling. Two passengers were caught attempting to smuggle 125,619 lobster seeds into Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Indonesia last week. Security officers intercepted four suitcases filled with plastic bags carrying the lobster seeds, probably pearl and sand lobsters, hidden in the clothes.  Officials…

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