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A Dozen Sports Teams Losing Fans At Huge Levels Over Last Decade

  When it comes to having a great time in a crowd with food, drink, and an electric social setting, it’s hard to beat live sports. Attendance data from ESPN was just put through the wringer by 24/7 Wall Street, and it looks like just having a team isn’t enough to attract some fans. Their…more »

Mummified Body Found In Apartment Of Man Who Died 11 Years Ago

  I’m guessing this guy didn’t often have people over. French authorities are looking into the death of a tenant that was discovered inside his apartment. It appears the man had passed away over a decade ago and was in a state of mummification. Authorities are saying that the man appeared to pass away 11…more »

Study: Women Have As Many Sex Dreams As Men

We’re still a long way from closing the gender pay gap, but it seems there’s at least one place women and men are more equal today – their erotic dreams. According to a new study from Germany, women are having more sex dreams than they did 50 years ago and now they’re having as many…more »

Man Stops To Take Selfie While Running With Bulls, Gets Gored

  Not really sure what would possess someone to take off running down the street with the possibility of getting run over by a 1.5-ton animal. I’m really blown away with the idea that someone would actually stop to take a selfie while running from that 1.5-ton animal. That’s what a man from San Fransico…more »

An Instagram Model Is Selling Her Bath Water For $30

  A social media cosplay star and gamer is causing an uproar online after she decided to bottle and sell her very own bathwater. Meet Belle Delphine, who is known for her racy, anime-inspired Instagram posts. Her fans are pretty fanatical and have often commented about how they would love to get closer to her.…more »

Get Free Chick-Fil-A For Dressing Like A Cow Today

  Time to break out your spots and cowbells because today is Chick-fil-A’s 15th annual Cow Appreciation Day and dressing like one can get you free food. The fast food restaurant describes it as its largest single-day customer appreciation event and a day to honor their “Eat Mor Chikin” cows. But to fans, it’s a…more »

When It Comes To Kissing, Most People Prefer Their Dogs Over Their Mates

  We all know dog owners really love their dogs, but it seems in some cases they may love their four-legged friends more than they do their partners. A new survey by Riley’s Organics, an organic dog food, finds that in general, folks are more willing to be affectionate to their dogs than their significant…more »

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