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Biggest Family In Britain Announces Baby #22 On The Way

The Radfords, aka the largest family in the UK, have some big news: they’re expecting # 22! The woman who’s had all these kids, 44-year-old Sue, shared the news on YouTube, revealing that she’s almost 15 weeks pregnant and the baby is due in April 2020. Sue and her husband, Noel, are already parents to…more »

Woman Videotapes Herself Twerking During Riots In Barcelona

  An Instagram model figured out an interesting way to protest riots in the streets of Barcelona. Sandra Kisterna has filmed herself twerking on a burning Barcelona street as a ‘form of expressing [her] protest’ during the Catalan independence riots. Sandra, who features ‘Twerk Classes’ on her social media page, has gone viral with 370k views…more »

WATCH: wesome Halloween Display

WATCH: wesome Halloween Display

Tom BetGeorge loves putting on holidays displays to raise money for the McHenry House, a local family shelter. We gave you one yesterday, here’s another for today! The encore is even better! Plus, check out the shelter he’s raising money for HERE.  more »

Horror Movies Can Get You Lucky

  When it’s movie night with your girl, and you’re wanting to get some action, experts say that horror movies are your best bet. Why? Apparently, all the screaming and squirm-inducing on the screen are very likely to get you into some screaming and squirming action because of the reaction your mind and body has…more »

“Extreme” Beer From Sam Adams Is Illegal In 15 States

For those who want to celebrate Halloween in alcohol-drenched bliss, Sam Adams has brought back Utopias. It’s a “barrel-aged extreme beer” that takes years to develop in wooden bourbon casks. Only 77 casks were casks were made and it’s described as having “distinct vanilla notes, and subtle nutty and elegant dark fruit aromas,” and it’s…more »

Airline Completes Longest Non-Stop Flight Of Over 19 Hours

Most people who travel like to do so by flying non-stop to their destination, but there are some cities that take too long to get to…until now. History was made as Qantas Airlines completed the very first non-stop commercial flight from New York to Sydney, Australia in 19 hours and 16 minutes. The 10,066-mile journey was…more »

Man Spends 17 Years Eating Nothing But Mac And Cheese

  Some people love eating mac and cheese while others have no choice but to eat it every day. Austin Davis is 20 years old and for the last 17 years, he has eaten nothing but macaroni and cheese. He says that nine times out of 10 he goes to his “ride or die” brand…more »

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