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The “Sperminator” Set To Welcome 50th

  New York college professor Ari Nagel is known as The Sperminator. Why? He offers up his seed for free to women looking to get plump with fetus. Now comes word that he’srecently made his 50th semen donation. The 43-year-old math professor picked Kaienja Garrick as the mother to his latest child. Kaienja, who is…more »

The First “Booty Slapping Championships” Took Place In Russia

Why is this not an Olympic event? The newest competition in Russia is the Booty Slapping Championships. It involves female competitors spanking each other as hard as possible, and the goal is to make the person you’re spanking have to take a step forward. The first-ever “Booty Slapping Championship” was just held in Siberia. The contest was…more »

Pineapple Burritos Are Dividing The Internet

  A restaurant chain in Australia has added a surprising new ingredient to their burritos and people are kind of freaking out about it. Mad Mex is now serving pineapple in their Mexican food and the controversial addition is dividing the Internet. On the Mad Mex Facebook page, some customers say they’re excited to try…more »

Florida Couple Uses Alligator For Gender Reveal

Gender reveal parties are getting out of control. It’s not enough anymore to simply tell people what the sex of their unborn child is. These days, the crazier the production of the announcement the better. A Florida couple may have the most dangerous gender reveal party on record. Stacie Childs-Wright and husband Chad Wright let their…more »

What Not To Do During A Wedding

  Now that it’s June, a lot of people will be spending their weekends at weddings when they’d rather be at the beach. And no matter how much you may be dreading getting all dressed up to see someone else get married, you’re expected to be well-behaved and at least act like you’re having a…more »

Taxi Driver Fakes Heart Attack To Avoid Short Fare

  One cabbie in Sydney, Australia went to amazing lengths to keep from pulling a short fare. Newly released video shows the driver clutching his chest and faking a heart attack to keep from taking the ride. He’d been waiting for a passenger for a couple of hours apparently and was disappointed at how much…more »

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