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The Best Picks For Streaming Services

  Through the year, the streaming market has become over-saturated with options, and it’s hard to know which to run with…and what plan to choose. The experts over at Gizmodo went through them all and gave their rankings and recommendations. Best Netflix Plan – The standard plan ($12 monthly) Best All-Around Streaming Service – The…more »

Store Limits Santa Visits To Those That Spend At Least $2500

  A high-end department store is coming under fire for not so Christmas cheer. London’s most famous luxury department store, Harrods, came under scrutiny this week after reports surfaced that it is reserving visits to its famous Christmas grotto to Green Tier 2 rewards holders or customers who have spent over $2,500 in Harrods over the…more »

Millennials Predicted To Die Sooner Than Previous Generation

As if millennials didn’t have enough battles to fight in this world…check out this cheery bit of news from Blue Cross Blue Shield. According to their research, millennials have a better shot at a shorter life expectancy than the generation prior. Millennials are showing higher rates of hypertension and high cholesterol, as well as depression…more »

Some Women In Japan Banned From Wearing Glasses At Work

  Sexism in the workplace is still going strong and new reports from Japan show a surprising new thing women are being singled out for: wearing glasses. Women in a variety of different jobs, including receptionists and nurses, say they’ve been banned from wearing glasses at work for reasons including the glasses make them look…more »

Woman Dumps Date Only To Find Out He Won $800K On A Bet So She Stuck Around

  It’s amazing how fast people can have a change of heart. Especially when there’s $800,000 involved. An Australian man named Kenny was on a date while watching the Melbourne Cup, which is Australia’s most famous horserace. During the races, the woman apparently wasn’t feeling it and told Kenny that she was going to leave…more »

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