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Woman’s Skin Cancer Spotted By Friend In Selfie


We count on our friends to help evaluate our fashion choices and offer advice on our love lives, but one woman in Australia can add lifesaver to her bestie’s qualities. Cate, a mom of two in her 50s, took a selfie last year with one of her BFFs, who asked her about a couple of suspicious bumps on the sides of her nose. And it turns out, they were skin cancer.

Cate says she’s always been “very, very vigilant” about sun protection, wearing hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen when she’s outdoors. So when her friend noticed these bumps on her face and suggested she get them checked out, she didn’t think much of it. In fact, she’d noticed the lumps, but figured they were marks or calluses from where her sunglasses sit.

Thankfully, Cate did get the spots checked and the biopsy revealed they were basal cell carcinomas. She’s had them successfully removed and she urges others to be more proactive about seeing a doctor for skin checks. “It has changed my belief that my self-checking is enough,” Cate says. “I now know that I need to be a lot more vigilant about seeing professionals.”


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