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Burger Bar Is Selling Kangaroo Meat And People Are Furious


Not a great time to unveil a new burger menu that features Kangaroo meat. That’s why a Utah burger bar has come under fire after advertising kangaroo meat as part of its ‘exotic meat’ menu for the month of January amid Australia’s bushfire crisis.

The Burger Bar was slammed by customers after unveiling its kangaroo burger, with hundreds taking to social media to accuse the restaurant of being ‘insensitive’.

‘How tacky considering all the devastation happening to Australia’s wildlife, land, and people right now,’ one angered person wrote.

‘Kinda in poor taste right now,’ another added.

The business hit back at its critics, saying their menu was created a year in advance and the meat would have gone to waste if they chose not to use it. And use it they did. The bar ended up selling 400 kangaroo burgers in just two days.

Source: Fox13

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