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Millennials Predicted To Die Sooner Than Previous Generation

As if millennials didn’t have enough battles to fight in this world…check out this cheery bit of news from Blue Cross Blue Shield. According to their research, millennials have a better shot at a shorter life expectancy than the generation prior.

  • Millennials are showing higher rates of hypertension and high cholesterol, as well as depression and hyperactivity. The study says that, without intervention, they could see their mortality rate climb to more than 40% in comparison to Gen-Xers of the same age.
  • In the years ahead, they estimate millennials can look forward to a higher demand for treatment along with higher costs for health care. The study’s numbers say it’ll cost them 33% more than Gen-Xers of the same age.
  • Bad millennial health keeps them contributing to society and the economy. That could lead to higher unemployment and lower income growth. Good times. That would lead to an estimated increase in health care costs for them of around $4,500 per year.

Technically, millennials may be healthier now than their Gen-X counterparts were at their age. But stresses now, and in the future, could be what makes them sicklier and messes up their physical and mental health. Feeling optimistic yet?

Source: Blue Cross Blue Shield

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